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SJS and its Affiliate's offer a wide range of strategies to benefit you and your family

Market/Financial Analysis

Financial health checks, Risk assessments, Loan Structure assessments.

Growth Specialist

Property coaching, Property development, Investor specialist, Personalized strategy,

Financial Planning

SMSF, Tax Specialist, Tailored financial plan to you needs.

How are we different?

The world is constantly changing along with the economy. We adapt to economic changes to benefit our clients. We are customer driven, in everything we do. We cater to people in all different stages of life. We look to build lifelong relationships with clients to ensure that goals are met and their best possible future is achieved.

We provide the best solution to suit our clients goals

SJS Wealth Solutions is dedicated to helping ensure you reach your lifetime goal and ensure a strong financial future for you and your family

What do our Clients say?

Tiffany and Adam

Our first meeting with SJS Wealth Solutions was in March of 2018 and had a very pleasant experience with them. We have always lived from paycheck to paycheck, with no idea of how to break the cycle. With the expertise from the team at SJS Wealth Solutions, we can now happily say that not only our loans restructured which is saving us thousands of dollars every year, but now we are also on the right path towards financial freedom. Our experience with them has bee straight forward and easy as they were there for us through every step and we know that they will continue to help us and keep us on the right financial path. Most of our experience has been with Dan and he has been fantastic. He is a family man himself, so we know he really cares about us and our family. He really knows what he is talking about. The entire team at SJS Wealth Solutions has been fantastic and we highly recommend them to everybody.


I have been dealing with SJS Wealth Solutions for 2 years now and have had great success having Peter make sure my interest rate is very handy. Plus Steele guiding me to a comfortable retirement. Would definitely recommend.


Thank you so much for putting us on to Peter and SJS. I feel so over the moon with one conversation, how invested they have been to help us and were already on the right path.

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Take the steps necessary to ensure you are bettering your future.

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